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Judy & Mark, 

We cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you did for us. You held our hand through this whole thing and treated us like family. We will forever be grateful. We now have the perfect plan to make our home. WE are so happy. Thank you!! We will always recommend you to everyone. 

The Kendalls 


Judy Brose is an exceptional real estate agent. I can't imagine going to anyone else. This sale was nurtured over several years' time and Judy met with different groups of people (condo owned by a church) to make sure every step was handled with care and skillfull communication. It was simply flawless. 

Mary Male





Dearest Judy,

It seems so strange to not speak with you everyday, as you have been a very important part of our lives over the past year. As you always said, "moving was more stressful than marriage and death," or something like that and you were completely right! The good things that occurred through all of this were numerous and you always look at the "good things" WE sold our houes for cash and got our dream house, we all survived, and most importantly, Tony and I gained an amazing and lifetime friend! You were always more than just our agent, you were part of our teamand we did it together! As all your peers kept telling me at the farmer's market, "if anyone can do it, Judy can." WE couldn't have done it without you and only you! 

When I saw this card, the words were so appropriate, since you made it all happen!  "You're an angel, a star, a blessing.  You even helped me pack, load items and plants in your own car and drove them all the way to our new house with a full load.  Amazing!  None of my other friends would of done that, especially no other agent would of!!

Your generousity, caring, hardwork, keeping us going with your positive thoughts and your absolute desire to do what was best for us, came shining through.  For all these reasons, and many more, you deserve all the success in life, family and love, and in your profession.  You are truly an amazing person , and we are so blessed to have you as a dear friend.  Thank you for everything!

Alison Charter-Smith & Tony Jachinchen




What a great person you are--thank you from my heart for your spark, your creativity, your experience, and honesty that has brought us to closure with this property. For me, it has brought to closure many chapters of my life...I am looking forward to moving on + yet feel sad...it is such a special area here. I feel blessed to have met you and I wish you continued success and abundance this 2011. You are the everything woman I was hoping to meet--that could see the potential + vision for the property. I shall always remember you and be ever so grateful.

With love and best wishes,


 Dr. & Mrs. Wm. Richard Smith  

It has been approximately one year since my wife, Judy and I first decided to find a home, in the Santa Cruz county area, for our retirement. As you are aware, it was at that time that we first engaged your services as our realtor.
As the quest for our new home continued, we also came to know you also as a friend. Judy and I have had occasion to deal with a number of real estate agents over the years and we feel that our association with you was, without question, the best and most helpful real estate experience that we have ever had. Your knowledge about the available real estate in the area was excellent. After you ask questions about our desires and expectations in a home, you correlated that knowledge very well with our needs.
Your organization and guidance were amazing and very important to both of us. Your suggestion to arrange to have, and your assistance in arranging to have inspections done when we were available certainly made us much more comfortable about our purchase. Your presence at those inspections was also extremely helpful to us. Finally, your presence at the close of escrow made us feel very comfortable and reassured. We were definitely well informed all along the way.
We also very much appreciate the fact that you have been available as a resource for our needs in maintaining our home, especially sine we had no knowledge about various service providers in this area for the upkeep and the maintenance of our property. We continue to fell that you were more than "just an agent".
All this, and much more, definitely explains why you are, "in our book," tops as a person and in the real estate industry.


Dr. & Mrs. Wm. Richard Smith

Kathy Gamble            


Judy was referred to me by a close friend who knew I needed help selling my family home after my mothers’ death. Grief can cloud one’s judgment and I’d already had two unsuccessful experiences with other realtors. I was badly shaken and needed an experienced, professional and caring person with whom I could place my trust – I needed Judy Brose!
From our first meeting, Judy listened and took her time to get to know me and my concerns. Judy asked me what it was like to have grown up in the house and in Pasatiempo and wrote a lovely article about the property for the real estate section of the Santa Cruz Sentinel prior to the first open house. I will always treasure the article because it captured so much of the magic of my childhood growing up in Pasatiempo and my parents love of their home and each other. Thank you Judy – what a lovely gift!
Judy was there for me with a well thought out marketing plan, home made chocolate chip cookies at the first open house; which was attended by an astonishing 30 people the weekend after Thanksgiving, and her positive attitude that never failed to life my spirits even if the paint wasn’t perfect or the blinds weren’t installed on time!
The happy ending? My home sold, at a solid price, in early February’ 06!
I could write volumes about Judy’s skills and qualifications – they are stellar. The qualities that truly distinguish Judy Brose are her compassion, integrity and emotional intelligence. I’ve never met anyone with better people skills! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Judy Brose to anyone seeking a real estate agent.


Kathy Gamble


 Dear Judy,

Thank you for joining us and your guidance, on our crash course in home selling and buying!  There are so many complex dynamics and factors involved in the process and we both marvelled about how exceptional you were in your role as a Realtor.  You elevate the work to something much bigger - more like "Realtor - Life Coach - Role model!

     We feel lucky to have learned so much, in such a short period of time with you.  We benefited in so many ways from your experience , professionalism, and ability to support us as a couple and a family, in the process.

     We are grateful for the time we spent working with you!

     Sincere Regards,

    Miranda, Matt, Adean & Brook

P.S.  Your peaches are "awesome"

P.P. S.  Matt and & I wanted to give you a special night out as our thank you.  Book wanted to give you ticked to the Big Dipper at the Boardwalk  :) Enjoy!

Anne & Jim LaBrie                                                                                           

We met Judy Brose in the year 2000, when she helped us sell our first home. In the year 2003, she represented us in two real estate transactions (one sale and one purchase). She is an absolutely terrific real estate agent.
We owned a residential lot in Aptos on which we hoped to build a home, but career changes forced us to abandon the project and put the property up for sale. We didn’t realize how difficult it would be to sell unimproved real estate with an active building permit application. The escrow period was several months, part of which we were out of the country. Judy did a phenomenal job of managing the sale and keeping the permit application alive.
We also purchased our home last year. We were highly motivated to find “the Right House” and had very specific, hard-to-find needs. We saw close to 100 homes last summer, which required a tremendous amount of Judy’s time (and patience!). In September, we finally found a home that met our needs, but an offer had already been extended on it. Fortunately, Judy had a plan on how to handle the competitive situation. Her advice was 100% correct and we got the home.
We plan on staying in our current home for 5-6 years. When we decide to sell it, we plan to ask Judy Brose to represent us again, and we highly recommend her to anyone seeking a real estate agent.

Anne & Jim LaBrie

Jim Berning                                 

It is very rare indeed these days that I find a professional like yourself who comes close to delivering on their promises or meeting my expectations of them. The countless extra hours that you devoted on my behalf were far above and beyond what anyone would have a right to expect.
I was in constant amazement regarding your ability to deal with and solve each new problem that arose. While maintaining a positive and cheerful attitude and coping with your own very busy schedule, you somehow found the time to go miles out of your way to address and accommodate many issues that due to circumstances, would have been very difficult for me to resolve.
I will always be extremely grateful that I was fortunate enough to have truly found that one in a million professional to bring this property sale to a successful conclusion.
Thanks you Judy Brose. You really are a special person.


Jim Berning

Jeanne, Bill & Elle

Thank you for helping us with our "little beach house." We appreciate your knowledge, experience and caring, but most of all your patience! We miss all the phone calls! We recommend you to everyone. Thanks,

Jeanne, Bill & Elle

Peter, Lily, and Morgan

"Thank you" doesn't seem enough. We are so very excited about finding ahome we can call our own. We couldn't have done it without you. The daily updates through email kept us knowing what was happening instantly! A special thank you for your patience and hard work. We will value everything we learned during this process and look forward to working with you if and when we sell and/or buy in the future.

Peter, Lily, and Morgan

Tim and Ann Shannon

"Being from out-of-town, it was really imporntant for us to find a REALTOR who would watch out for us, and you were that person. From the first time I called you, I felt you were the one who would make things happen for us. Ann and I so appreciated the fact that throught it all, you kept your pleasant and humorous personality in tact!
It's no suprise to us that you are one of America's
"Most Referred" REALTORS."


Tim and Ann Shannon


The Decosta Family

"Judy has led us through the sale and purchase of ALL OUR HOMES. Her market savvy, humor, optimism and caring made all three transactions much more fun. We don't know when our next real estate transaction will be, but we know JUDY WILL BE OUR AGENT."


The Decosta Family

Steve, Sarah and Connor with kitty-cat Wilson, Brem                                    

"We LOVE Judy Brose! She treats us like family. During the entire buying and selling process, she was always there for us - picking up her cell phone, giving us complete information about our options. With Judy, we made our own decisions about how to achieve our goals and she backed us up with her knowledge from years of experience in the field. We are sad we can't take her to Roseville with us!"


Steve, Sarah and Connor with kitty-cat Wilson, Brem


"Judy went out of her way to work around our schedule, not hers. She showed us in many ways that she cared about US! Judy is a very special person."


Jack & Cheryl Hartin, Santa Cruz 


"Judy took care of all the problems pertaining to the house for us. We don't live in the area and the city was new to us. We would nominate Judy for the outstanding service award!"


Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Ellenberg, Los Gatos


"Judy followed-up after the sale on repairs that needed to be completed. Also, she listened to what my needs were regarding price, location, etc."


Theresa Lubsen, Watsonville


"While interviewing agents you were described to us a professional, hard working and having a good sense of humor. It was an accurate description and a relationship that worked well - through "all of it!"
Thank you for your kindness, your special thoughts & for being you!"


Frank & Carol Hunt, Aptos


"Judy, We love our new home! The guy that came to clean the carpets said, "Wow, what a stellar pad man!" We agree!!
Thanks so much for all your support in finding us this beautiful space we call home!"


Timothy Marshall & Robin Upton, Santa Cruz


"Hi Judy, Well, here it is, the every-so-belated thank you note of the wonderful job you did for us selling our home in Aptos last spring. Thank you so much for being so very patient in a tough market and helping make everything turn out for both us and the buyers too! Your sunny outlook on life really helped smooth over any rough edges, and we did appreciate your expert and professional help in marketing our home and closing our sale. We are all settled into our new home and on April 15th, Miss Kelly Nicole Soto was born a healthy 7lbs, 6oz! Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day and another fantastic year! Thanks again for all your hard work!"


Karen & Dale Soto, Aptos


"Dear Judy, Thank you for doing such a great job with Kathy (my sister) and Mark. They were pleased with your willingness to work hard and your skills as an agent. Not many agents could have satisfied their very intense and pressure filled situation, but you came through for them even better than I expected!
I may have another couple to refer to you, but they are not sure where they will nedd to move. If your area is their final destination you may be sure that I will send them your way.
Thanks again for your hard work!"


Ron Howard, GRI ADVANTAGE REALTY, Walnut Creek


"My Dear "Sally" (She told me I looked like Sally Field)
I just can't tell you how much it has meant to me and how much I appreciate your "hanging in there" for me for over a year & a half. You have truly been a most comforting friend to me. Enclosed is a litle something for a lunch or dinner from me. Don't forget to try the wonderful lunch at Seascape. No place up here to compare with it. Also, the prices up here are so much higher. Trust you are over that cold you were fighting last time we talked. My gratefulness and best to you!"


Frieda Keith, Santa Cruz


"Mrs. Vitale and I have just received a market analysis of our home by Judy Brose, which has been the most thorough, factual, accurate, and low pressure that I have ever experienced.
In my business I made and received many presentations. Her's was so good, I'd rate it exceptional. I recommend her to anyone interested in a like presentation."


J. V. Vitale, Aptos











"Just a quick note full of gratitude to you for all you've done for us. God knew we needed someone like you in the sale of our home. You were a professional with a HEART...and that separates you from the rest. Thanks for your time, effort and patience. You are tops in our books! Jules send his very best and I do too. May you continue to succeed and you WILL! You are just that good. God bless you."

Jules & Diane, Aptos

"Hey Judy! I just wanted to send you a quick message and let you know how much I appreciated you helping me through such a rough time in my life. You really are a truley awesome realestate agent! Not only did you sell the house fast but you were sooo promt in helping me find a home asap. I didn't realize that you might have other plans or things going on but you sure made is seem like I was number one on your priority list. It brings tears to my eyes, looking back on the past six months and how slow it seemed at the time the process was but what a huge accomplishment I made in transisiton. You were there by my side to help me through it with understand and patients. Thank you soooo much! You are the bomb baby! lol-Its people like you who make a difference in this world and you definatly touched my spirit. You are not only my realestate agent but also my friend. To me, my friends are family so you are welcome to come by anytime! Take care my frie! nd and don't be a stranger! Love ya, Jen"


Jennifer Dumas, Santa Cruz


We worked with Judy Brose at Century 21 Lad. She patiently guided us through the process of buying our first home. From the start, we knew that she had our best interest in mind. It was wonderful to have a realtor with her level of knowledge and expertise. Judy is very well known, well connected, and highly respected in the community. During these times of economic uncertainty and change, we felt it was essential to have an agent like Judy who has over twenty years of experience!  Besides being an amazing agent, she is just a wonderful and sweet person. She was fun to see homes with and expressed so much kindness and caring for us. We felt the love! We are so grateful to Judy for helping us find our dream house! Thank you Judy


Victoria Regan